Ten Facts about Til Death

1. If you listen to Pompeii by Bastille mentioned in the book, it perfectly foreshadows the events ahead.
2. Most of the names of the characters have a special meaning like Dillan Sloan, meaning Faithful Warrior.
3. The Illumenari insignia of three interlocking circles symbolizes Strength, Courage, Power. The meeting of strength and power is the body. The meeting of strength and courage is the mind. The meeting of courage and power is the heart. At the center of all three circles is light. Something like this:

4. Til Death uses both the point of view of Selena and Dillan, except Selena’s is in the first person while Dillan’s is in third.
5. The title Til Death actual refers to the portion of marriage vows “Til death do us part.”
6. The word Illumenari, in the Til Death universe, means warriors of light.
7. The Fall Festival is modeled after a fair I went to where I ate way too much corndogs and brazenly rode on the Tilt-a-Whirl afterward.
8. Dillan is the first son of the first son, which is an important distinction in the Illumenari.
9. Newcastle is an actual town in Wyoming, but for the purposes of Til Death it has been fictionalized to suit the story.
10. Dillan’s ’68 GT500 is actually featured in the movie Gone in 60 Seconds.

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