TV Rec: The Last Ship

Looking for something new to watch? With all the new shows out there worth your while, try The Last Ship. It's post-apocalyptic unlike anything you've seen.

A virus kills a majority of the earth's population. A single naval ship holds the possibility of a cure. They must survive at all costs. To bad the Russians know what they have. Stand offs, suspense, scavenging for supplies, and strategy, strategy, strategy.

The show has drama, action, and suspense. It also doesn't hurt staring at Eric Dane (aka McSteamy) in a US Navy uniform.

So far The Last Ship is five episodes into the first season and was already renewed for a second. I say watch the first three episodes. If it doesn't hook you then you can go about your business. But I have a feeling you'll want to know what happens next. Watch the trailer and see what I mean:

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