Penny POV

Hey, everyone! Penny Collins here to give you the 411 about Til Death. It’s crazy. We’ve been in Kate’s head for years. Like, our story has been moving around there since forever. It’s actually fun in her head, but it’s so much better being out of it too.

You see, my BFF Selena can see the future. Oops. Wait, that’s supposed to be a secret. Well, I don’t think she’ll mind since her story is already out there for everyone to read. Not a secret anymore, Selena. Sorry, be-yatch. But we love you all the same.

Then this boy arrives in town. The ultra-hot Dillan Sloan of the Sloan Family fame. He’s National Geographic royalty. I pretty much fangirl over him at the beginning. It’s a shame he’s been giving my girl a hard time. It’s like the guy has a split personality or something. One second he’s all cold and giving her death stares then the next he’s saving her from…well, that I can’t tell you because it’ll spoil the story. Hey, I may be Newcastle’s TMZ, but I’m no blabber mouth. Selena’s secret is different. I didn’t blab once about that.

Who knew our little town in the middle of nowhere Wyoming is more interesting—and dangerous—than I’d ever thought? I mean, I should know about these things, right? Missing dogs. I didn’t pay attention to them at first until things got really weird. Like super weird. I’m starting to miss chunks of time. Stuff I don’t remember.

Hey, read the story and tell me what happens? I know I should be the one giving you the deets, but I suddenly can’t remember stuff. So weird.   

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