A day after my post for entitled Change, I've had time to digest what's going on in my life. Once I've accepted that change happens and I either go with the flow or take charge. Being the proactive human being that I am, I decided to take charge.

When change comes and you feel lost, find a purpose. This will compel you to move forward. The last thing you want when change happens is get stuck. "Walk it off" really makes sense for this instance. If you dwell on the change, you get stuck. So, walk it off. Stay productive.

I have found a purpose. I decide to take charge of this change a step at a time. This of course not only propelled me into a new stage in my life, it forced me into several rabbit holes. Let me just say that house hunting sucks. *laughs* Sucks time, I mean. But now that I've found what I'm looking for, things have settled down.

Lesson Learned: During times of change, find a purpose and use it to move forward.

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