Disclaimer: I Like Boys

Interested in reading an M/M YA Romance?

I wrote Preston's and Nathan's story because I love them. I love the struggle between staying best friends and falling in love. Because of the FEELS, I wanted to share their story with all of you. So, I posted Disclaimer: I Like Boys on Swoon Reads. By reading and rating you are helping me get the story of these best friends out there.

Here's the blurb that you would see on the site:

Nathan and Preston have been best friends for years.

Nathan came out in grade school.

Preston confessed his feelings for Nathan in their junior year.

Nathan is afraid that if they upgrade their relationship status that things won’t work out. That if they broke up he would lose not only a boyfriend but a best friend too.

Preston proposes they try a relationship for a month. That he would do everything to convince Nathan they were meant for each other.

Just as Nathan begins to give in to his feelings, a secret Preston’s been keeping from him will blow up both their worlds.

Can their friendship survive after the dust settles if love is not enough?

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