On Finding Your Way

Dear Reader,

            Writing is the love of my life.
            In high school, I was still figuring stuff out. One thing I did know, I loved writing. I loved what it did for me. The creative process made me happy. Especially writing about falling in love. There was always something about romance that made me swoon. I’m a romantic to the core.
            In college, I lost my way a little. First of all, medical school. What? But when you’re meant to do something in your life, the universe always finds a way to steer you back to the road you’re supposed to take. I shifted from Med to Literature. Lots of reading. Lots of writing. I grew as an individual during this time.
            After graduation, I went into teaching. I thought it was what I was meant to do. I had ideas. Lots of ideas. Then I woke up one morning with one question in my head, “Was this what I wanted to do ten years from now?” When the answer came back “No,” I immediately switched to a different job. Still teaching, but closer to writing, where I helped students improve their essays before handing them in. A part of me enjoyed what I was doing, but it still wasn’t what I was meant to be doing.
            The universe…God…the great unknown…whatever you’d like to call the force that rules us all works in mysterious ways. No matter what I was doing, I kept coming back to writing. I kept circling back to my stories.
            Like soul mates finding each other, I found my way back to writing. And I’ve never been happier. I wake up thinking what I would be writing that day and all is right in my world. Sometimes I still can’t believe that I get to do what I love for a living. That I get to share the stories of my characters with the world. With you.
            Everyone has a purpose. If you listen hard enough, or allow the universe to do its thing, you’ll find your way. None of our roads are ever straight. Sometimes we may need to take a detour, but eventually, we find our way.
            Are you currently in your detour or have you finally found your way?



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