Goodbye 2014

2014 was an intense writing year for me.

It started with the completion of Relish

The second book in the Vicious Feast series was challenging to write. It was like pulling teeth. Why? Because I was walking with Dakota and the pain she was going through at Luka’s betrayal in the previous book. I wanted to give the both of them the ending they deserve. Make sure to pre-order it on Amazon now for .99c before the release because the price will go up.

After Relish came ChasingHeartbeats

At the time, I was extremely into Andrew Smith and male narrated novels. I wanted to write a romance but coming from the male POV. At the same time, I wanted to write a humorous novel. It’s sports-themed and does have slight magic realism. In retrospect, as I write this post, I realize I was trying to do too much with this novel. *laughs*

This year also brought the release of Til Death and my first book signing

This is a bittersweet moment for me. Til Death is an important lesson in my writing life which I will carry into the next novels I will write in this series. This book is not my proudest moment, but it is still a part of me. It did bring about my first book signing. A total surreal moment. Interacting with the readers, seeing their faces, signing their books was a beautiful memory I will always cherish.

Writing these two books in a month (two weeks per book) was definitely a divine moment. To this day, I don’t know how I even did it without my fingers falling off. This is where I find my writing sweet spot.

If you’ve read all my books… First, thank you! Second, you’ll know that romance is always woven into the story. Warning! and Disclaimer: are my first attempts at full on contemporary romance. It was both scary and exhilarating.

Warning! being chosen as part of the third list was a defining moment in my writing career. I finally made it to New York. My journey may have been a meandering path, but I got there eventually. This solidifies the idea that if you work hard enough and continue to believe your dreams will come true. To be a part of such a wonderful community is an honor, and I look forward to a long relationship with Swoon Reads and Macmillan.

Finally joining Wattpad

I realized that there are stories I want to write that might not find a home right away, but I still want to share it with all of you. This is the reason why I joined Wattpad. I wanted a place to showcase novels that enables me to update on a weekly basis. This actually reinvigorated my writing and reinforced my sense of discipline.

Editing during the Holidays

Just when I thought I was running on fumes, I found the strength to edit over the holidays. How? Because my editor is amazing. Her editorial letter was so beautifully written that it inspired me to start working on editing Warning!

I can definitely write here that I’m enjoying the edits. There will be new scenes. New chapters. And brand new surprises coming in Didi’s and Caleb’s story. I can’t wait to share the finished product with all of you.

That is my writing year in a nutshell. There were disappointing lows and amazing highs, such is life. Ending the year writing a new chapter for Warning! gives me hope for another exciting writing year. I look forward to sharing all my new stories with all of you, starting with the release of Relish on January 12, 2015.

Christmas Greeting

For this video of the week, Kate takes time away from the festivities to greet everyone a Merry Christmas. Just something quick.

Relish Scavenger Hunt Winners

I want to start this post with an expression of gratitude.

First, thank you to all the bloggers who participated and helped make this event a success. So much fun! Thank you, ladies.

Second, I would like to thank everyone who went on the hunt. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading chapter one. It was my pleasure sharing it with all of you.

*rubs hands together* Okay, let's announce the winners.

After an exhaustive search, combing through all the entries, the winners of the Relish Scavenger Hunt are as follows:

The first Swag Pack:

The second Swag Pack:

The Signed Copy of Taste

The Signed Copy of Savor

Goes to Kyla

And the Grand Prize of a Signed Copy of Relish with special Swag

Goes to Myra Espino

A huge Congratulations to the winners! *throws confetti*

You will all be notified and will have 24hrs to respond to claim your prize.

More giveaways to come in anticipation of the Relish release on January 12, 2015. So stay tuned!

Relish Scavenger Hunt

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~Page 11~

          “I don’t believe you.” I stood up, unwilling to continue this conversation looking up at him. 

          “Do you love him?” 

          The step back I took at the question was completely unconscious. “No.”

          Lips set into a tight line, Larry turned around and stomped back into the bedroom. 

          “What are you doing?” I followed after him. 

          Larry pulled on his jeans, his eyes scanning the floor. “Where are my boots?”

          He asked, but something told me he didn’t aim the question at me. “Larry, please, don’t do this. Don’t leave angry like this. It’s Snowmageddon out there. God knows when I’ll see you again.”

          “Yeah?” He yanked his sweater over his head, ignoring my attempt at lightening the mood. “How can I not when I’m sleeping with someone who clearly has the hots for someone else?”

          “That’s not fair. He’s a rock star, someone out of my league. It’s not like there’s a chance that I’ll cheat on you with him.”

          “See…the fact that you have to defend yourself is what makes this whole thing so much worse.” He wrapped the scarf I’d given him for a belated Christmas present around his neck. 

          I hugged myself, feeling the cold inside my chest expand. “Larry…I…”

          “Look,” he took a steadying breath, “Snowmaggedon or not, I’ll be at Pot Luck tonight at eight. If you’re not there to have dinner with me then I’ll have my answer.”

          Because of the ultimatum he’d dropped on me, I could barely move out of the way when he left the bedroom. Stunned into silence, my gaze followed him to the living room as he sat on the couch to lace up his boots. Another image entered my mind—one of a blond sitting relaxed and tapping out a beat. The ice inside my chest spread to my belly. I opened my mouth to say something, but words failed me. Larry picked up his book bag and left the apartment without looking back. 

          The slamming door became the soundtrack to my morning, reminding me of how messed up my life had become.              

          Stupid Luka. 

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