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~Page 11~

          “I don’t believe you.” I stood up, unwilling to continue this conversation looking up at him. 

          “Do you love him?” 

          The step back I took at the question was completely unconscious. “No.”

          Lips set into a tight line, Larry turned around and stomped back into the bedroom. 

          “What are you doing?” I followed after him. 

          Larry pulled on his jeans, his eyes scanning the floor. “Where are my boots?”

          He asked, but something told me he didn’t aim the question at me. “Larry, please, don’t do this. Don’t leave angry like this. It’s Snowmageddon out there. God knows when I’ll see you again.”

          “Yeah?” He yanked his sweater over his head, ignoring my attempt at lightening the mood. “How can I not when I’m sleeping with someone who clearly has the hots for someone else?”

          “That’s not fair. He’s a rock star, someone out of my league. It’s not like there’s a chance that I’ll cheat on you with him.”

          “See…the fact that you have to defend yourself is what makes this whole thing so much worse.” He wrapped the scarf I’d given him for a belated Christmas present around his neck. 

          I hugged myself, feeling the cold inside my chest expand. “Larry…I…”

          “Look,” he took a steadying breath, “Snowmaggedon or not, I’ll be at Pot Luck tonight at eight. If you’re not there to have dinner with me then I’ll have my answer.”

          Because of the ultimatum he’d dropped on me, I could barely move out of the way when he left the bedroom. Stunned into silence, my gaze followed him to the living room as he sat on the couch to lace up his boots. Another image entered my mind—one of a blond sitting relaxed and tapping out a beat. The ice inside my chest spread to my belly. I opened my mouth to say something, but words failed me. Larry picked up his book bag and left the apartment without looking back. 

          The slamming door became the soundtrack to my morning, reminding me of how messed up my life had become.              

          Stupid Luka. 

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