5 Tips to Following Your Dream

Thinking of following your dream? Living your bliss? 
Well, I have 5 Tips that might help. 

Modern Filipina Interview

I have been out editing all day, 
but check out this interview on Modern Filipina
It may be about me and a giveaway. Click here.

Release Day!

It's Relish Release Day!

Finally, after a year of waiting. If you own a Kindle, grab your copy here.

To celebrate, I've put together a giveaway on my Facebook Page.

Here are pictures of the prizes:

A signed copy of Savor, a tote bag, lip gloss, eye shadow, and a cute bangle

A signed copy of Taste, a vintage leather wallet, an Apostrophe key chain, and uber cute gift tags

The giveaway is International and runs until Sunday, January 18, 2015.

For those who've already grab their copies of Relish: Happy Reading!

For those who haven't, what are you waiting for? Discover what happens to Luka and Dakota in this stunning conclusion to the Vicious Feast Series.

Countdown: 1 Day Left

Can you smell it? His sweet spicy scent? Just one more day! 

Please share this post.

And make sure to pre-order for .99c on Amazon

6 More Days

Six Days Left! 
Have you Pre-Ordered your copy yet? 
Luka is waiting for you.

7 Days to Luka!

Countdown to Relish: 7 Days to Luka!

Kindle owners, pre-order your copy for $0.99 here before the price goes up on release day:

Want to play catch up? Well, Savor is also at $0.99 so read it today before Relish comes out:

8 Days Left

Nine Days to Relish

To celebrate the countdown to the release of Relish (final book in the Vicious Feast series), I'm giving away a signed copy of Taste and a DKNY tumbler with 2 sleeves over at my FB Page. Enter today for a chance to win.

10 Days Left

Take Me


Countdown to Relish: 01/12/15

11 More Days. Hang in there.

For Kindle owners, have you pre-ordered your copy already? Right now it's $0.99. Once release day comes the price goes up. So make sure to grab your copy:
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