Sad No More

            It’s unusual for this time of year considering what February means to me, but I’m actually happy. Like very happy. Content with my life and the way I’m living it despite what others might think.

            I’m happily writing.

            Currently, I’m elbow deep in After Death, which is the long awaited sequel to Til Death. I’m writing every day and developing the story the way it wants to be developed, allowing the plot to go where it may. There is a sense of freedom in this process.

            In recent years, I have been writing after lunch. For 2015, I’ve come to realize that I do my best writing in the morning, before lunch. Then I spend the rest of the day thinking about the next chapter I’m supposed to write. It’s working for me, so why change the pattern? At the same time, it frees me up to hang out with friends or do other things without sacrificing any writing time. That’s a win-win in my book.

            Another discovery?

Taking writing breaks—not good.

I do better when writing on a daily basis than finishing a novel, taking about a week off, and then starting a new novel. I find that it is during the breaks where doubts set in. And, as we all know, doubt isn’t conducive to the writing process.

            So, February, which is usually a sad month for me where I find myself in a writing slump and I end up moping around, is actually different this year. It’s a month for awesome news. Where I’m not worried about anything. Where I am happy. I consider this a good sign of better, more wonderful things to come.  

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