To My Dearest Readers and Friends,

When Crescent Moon Press announced they were closing, I knew it was an opportunity. At the time, I wasn't sure yet what kind of opportunity it would be.

Today, I'm happy to share with you what has happened.

I have always wanted to rebrand Taste. This means editing it. Changing the cover. And making it available again for readers.

Well, for iOS users, now is your chance to read the new and improved Taste. It is now called I DARE YOU TO BREAK CURFEW. Android users will have their chance soon. I will make another announcement in the future.

If you are an Apple device user, download the Raddish app here:

Afterwards, use the explore button to find I DARE YOU TO BREAK CURFEW and click "Add to Library." You can start reading soon afterwards. The first three chapters are free.

The pictures below show my author page. The I DARE YOU TO BREAK CURFEW page. A sample of how the story has changed. And a chapter list.

I have also added GIVE ME SOMETHING TO REMEMBER, which is the real sequel to Taste. You can also add it to your library in anticipation of chapters being posted.

You will also notice a new book called SUICIDE WHISPERERS. It's something I've been working on for a long time and will only be available exclusively on Raddish.

I write this post asking for your support. It's not something I usually do. Please download the app and add me to your library. Tell your friends.

It is my hope that you enjoy this next stage of my career with me. We are all growing and evolving. It's already been quite a journey. Please continue to grow and evolve with me.

Thank you. I appreciate each and every one of you.

Kate Evangelista

Author Page

Book List
New Cover
Chapter List

Giveaway Time!

Since the news of No Holding Back is no longer in the closet, let's celebrate with a GIVEAWAY!
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Deadline: Feb 29, 2016
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So good luck and start sharing!
Thank you for helping me spread the word about our boys. Nathan and Preston love you!
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