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In friendlier news, my story entitled Take Me is a Top Pick for LGBT Week over on Radish Fiction.

This is pretty cool because I never get Top Pick on anything. I'd been told about the feature, sure. But when the weekly newsletter arrived in my inbox this weekend, it came as a pleasant surprise that Take Me is one of the Top Picks.

I've always been an advocate for love in all shapes and sizes. Everyone has the capacity to love. Ergo everyone has the right to love whomever they choose.

In high school, I discovered shounen ai and yaoi. Basically "Boys Love" in Japan. This can be in manga or anime form. There are even novels, but I was never one to read those. I loved the visuals because the guys were always so hot.

Hey, I was young and impressionable. Hot boys kissing and making love were my thing.

Years later, I've transitioned from reading anything LGBT to writing my own stories. This is where Take Me comes in. It's a complicated story involving complicated characters and I love every second of writing it.

I do hope you join me in that love by downloading the Radish app on iOS and add Take Me to your reading library.

Android users do not fret. Our time is nigh.

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