Hello, October!

Hey, Peeps!

The blog has been dormant for quite a while. There are many reasons I can give you that explains why I fell off the map, but why make up excuses when I can just revive the blog and start from scratch?

So I thought: Since October is my favorite month, why not celebrate it with 31 brand new posts?

Daunting as blogging on a daily basis may seem, I'm actually really excited about this. For 31 Days I will publish a new post that has something to do with the month of October. It will mostly be about spooky shit because that's how I roll. The spookier the better. Even if I'm one big scardy cat.

Let's begin the month with a little info on why I love October.

If you ask people--especially anyone into the supernatural or the paranormal--most likely October is their favorite month.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Yes, more than Christmas. So loving October is pretty much a given.

But you ask, "Kate. your life number is 11, so isn't it more natural to love November?"

Hell no! Although, you do make a great point.

Anyway, back to October.

It's the month when you can feel the seasons change. The smell in the air is different. The temperature is cooler--depending on which part of the world you're in, of course. It's the month that heralds the holiday season.

And, most of all, October brings with it golden sunlight. Not so bright. Not too dim. The Goldilocks of sunbeams. Just observe and see what I mean.

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Stay tuned!

For now, this is Kate, signing out.


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