Happy Hallowe'en!

This is it! The final post for October. So bittersweet. I didn't think I could do it, but here it is! Thank you for hanging out with me from the beginning. If you're a newcomer, well, welcome!

The picture to your right is of me in my demon garb manning the trick or treat table handing out candies to the kiddies.

For this final post, I wanted to reinforce my love for superstitions by sharing with you those associated with this day we all love. So, grab a chair, open a candy bar, and read on.

Hallowe'en is the festival celebrated on the 31st of October when ghosts roam abroad and witches traditionally hold their sabbaths. Originally a pagan festival of the dead, Hallowe'en marks the end of the Celtic year. It was said that the sun itself entered the gates of Hell on this day, providing an opportunity for evil spirits to slip out and menace the Earth for forty-eight hours, hence the ominous associations of the modern version of the festival. Attempts to Christianise the festival by making it the eve of All Hallows' Day or All Saints' Day, when Christian saints and martyrs are commemorated, have failed to obliterate its essentially pagan character, emphasized by the now ubiquitous imagery of broomstick-riding witches and grotesque masks fashioned from hollowed-out pumpkins which are meant to scare away demons.

Hallowe'en is the one time of year when the supernatural holds sway over the Earth, and numerous superstitions are associated with it. These range from protective rituals to keep evil spirits at bay to means of divining what the future has in store. one of the most widely held notions connected with the festival is the blood-chilling idea that on this date the souls of the dead make their way back to their earthly homes to warm themselves at their old firesides. In many quarters, it is thought dangerous to attempt to hinder the dead from returning in this way, and Hallowe'en is generally considered a time when extra care should be taken not to linger in churchyards or do anything that might offend the fairies or other malicious sprites.

If a person is walking down a road, for instance, and hears someone walking close behind, it is important that they do not look back. It is likely to be Death himself, and looking into his face will hasten the living person's own demise. It is also risky to look at one's own shadow in the moonlight and most inadvisable to go on a hunting expedition on Hallowe'en, as one may accidentally wound a wandering spirit. Children born on Hallowe'en will, however, enjoy lifelong protection against evil spirits and will also be endowed with the gift of second sight.

In rural areas, farmers may circle their fields with lighted torches in the belief that doing so will safeguard the following year's harvest, or else drive their livestock between branches of rowan to keep them safe from evil influences.

Most surviving Hallowe'en superstitions concern the business of foretelling the future, in particular getting a glimpse of a future partner. According to Welsh tradition, anyone going to a crossroads on Hallowe'en and listening carefully to the wind may learn what the next year has in store and when the church clock strikes midnight, will hear a list of the names of those who are to die in the locality over the next twelve months.

Several of the most widely known Hallowe'en divination rituals relate to apples. Superstition suggests that, if a girl stands before a mirror while eating an apple and combing her hair at midnight on Hallowe'en, her future husband's image will be reflected in the glass over her left shoulder. A variant dictates that she must cut the apple into nine pieces, each of which must be stuck on the point of the knife and held over the left shoulder. Moreover, if she peels an apple in one long piece, and then tosses the peel over her left shoulder or into a bowl of water, she will be able to read the first initial of her future partner's name in the shape assumed by the discarded peel. Alternatively, the peel is hung on a nail by the front door and the initials of the first man to enter will be the same as those of the unknown lover.

Hallowe'en is also the occasion on which groups of unmarried boys and girls twirl apples on strings over a fire, the order in which the apples fall off the strings indicates the order in which they will be married. The owner of the last apple to drop will remain unmarried.

Yet another Hallowe'en custom is the game of ducking for apples. How it works is without using their hands, children attempt to take bites out of apples floating in a bowl of water or suspended on a string. Superstition has it that they are fated to marry the owner of the apple they manage to bite. Alternatively, the winner of the game takes their apple to bed and sleeps with it under their pillow so as to get a vision of a future spouse in their dreams.

Other customs involve blindfolded girls pulling up cabbages and examining the shape of the root to make conclusions about a future spouse, throwing nuts into the fire to see it they jump (if they do, a lover will prove unfaithful), sprinkling letter cut out of a newspaper on to some water to see what name they form (that of a future lover) and inviting a blindfolded person to place their left hand on one of three dishes, one filled with clean water, another with foul water and the last empty. If the clean water is chosen, the person's future partner will be attractive and desirable; if the foul water is selected, he or she will already have been married; if the empty dish is chosen, there will be no partner at all.

Some girls may be tempted to follow the ritual of eating a salted herring before retiring for the night: the resulting thirst will summon up the sympathetic spirit of a future partner who will come with a drink of water. More complicated is the ancient procedure in which a person dips their sleeve in a stream at a point where land belonging to three people meets, and then goes home and hangs the sleeve in front of the fire: during the night the spirit of a future spouse will materialise and turn the sleeve to allow the other side to dry.

Okay, super long post! But I hope it's informative. I certainly learned something about Hallowe'en as I was putting it together. Any other superstitions you want to share? Hit me up in the comments sections. I'd love to hear from you.

Once again, thank you for sticking with me this whole month of October. I really enjoyed creating these posts for you. I already have ideas for November so stay tuned!

Until then, stay cool!

Living With the Paranormal

Here's a story about my life that many of you might not know.

Even at a young age, I was already exposed to the paranormal. My nanny, who comes from a place here in the Philippines steeped in mystery and superstition, always told me bedtime stories involving creatures only found in our country. We have our version of witches that can cause sickness. We have women who grow wings on a full moon and leave their legs on the ground while they fly in search of their next victim. I can go on and on about local folklore, but it’s the ghost stories I loved best.

My nanny always told me I had the gift of attracting the paranormal. As a young child, what was I to make of the declaration? I listened to her stories and went to sleep having nightmares, but I always thought it was all in good fun. Only when I got older did I begin to understand what she’d meant about attracting the paranormal. And I honestly don’t call it a gift.

Even after I no longer needed a nanny, my fascination with the paranormal continued. I loved watching Halloween specials where they featured haunted houses, and I’m a huge fan of Ghost Adventures. But I digress.

In this letter, I wanted to share some of my brushes with the paranormal. Some are heartwarming while the latest one has left me sleeping with a nightlight on.

I first encountered the paranormal in high school. A beloved family friend had died. At the time, I knew very little of the concept of death. I mourned his passing, but didn’t expect he would visit me in my dreams a week after his burial. Some call this the visitation. Since we were close, I didn’t think much of seeing him in all white standing outside the house I lived in at the time. He waved at me, a smile on his face. Then he went into the house and disappeared. I opened my eyes soon afterward.

My second paranormal experience happened when I was home alone. My parents had gone to the supermarket and I was lying in bed upstairs thinking of watching television to pass the time. The grandfather clock in the living room chimed five times. At the last chime, the scent of flowers filled the room I was in. It was the sweetest of smells.

Instead of feeling fear, I felt a sense of comfort. I got up from the bed to investigate where the scent was coming from. I thought my mother had returned from the supermarket. I called down the stairs for her, but there was no answer. I searched the whole house, but I soon realized I was still alone. The funny thing is the smell was confined to the room I was in and nowhere else in the house. When I told my mother about this, she asked me to describe the scent. I recalled it the best I could and when I finished she said it was the perfume her grandmother loved to wear. She grew up with her grandmother—my great grandmother—so she knows the smell well. She told me it must have been my great grandmother checking up on me. Every year since, on November 1, at 5PM, no matter where I am, I get a whiff of her perfume. I light a candle in her honor since November 1 in the Philippines in considered All Souls Day—when we honor the dead.

My latest paranormal experience happened earlier this year.

They say dogs see what we don’t. I believe this because when we had a dog, he would follow me everywhere; especially to my room where he loved to hang out. One night, I climbed the stairs with him at my heels. Once we reached the hallway that led to my room, he stopped at the entrance while I stood by my door. My dog sat down and began barking. Not the straight kind of barking. He would bark then pause a beat then bark again, looking beyond where I stood at a dark corner of the hallway where the light doesn’t seem to reach for some reason. I called my dog’s name, asking him to come. I even had my room door open, but he wouldn’t budge. He just kept barking at whatever was beyond me. A chill raced down my spine. I went to my dog and picked him up, bringing him to my room. It was only then that he stopped barking.

Months later, I was just about to fall asleep when I felt the presence of someone in my room. I opened my eyes and reached for the lamp. I switched the light on and there was no one there. I turned off the light and went back to sleep. The next night, the same thing. This continued for about three more nights. By the end of the week, I was convinced someone was in my room watching me sleep. One particular night, I was already half-asleep when the corner of my bed jerked like someone was passing by and had stubbed a toe on it. I bolted upright. I flicked on the light, and like before, nothing was there. You have to understand that my bed is heavy. It takes a great amount of force to move it, let alone jerk a corner of it.

Since then, I could only sleep if my bedside lamp is on.

I’d like to think that it’s because I have the light on that whatever it was stopped harassing me. I’m pretty much crossing my fingers, because if my nanny was right and I do attract the paranormal, it’s going to be a long life.

Guess what? The Bizarre States podcast actually reads this story in their 99th episode! Check it out:

For reals. Do any of you have experiences with the paranormal? Let me know in the comments section. I'd love to read your stories.

Haunted Sweetie


I have an adorable yet creepy post for you today. For those who love cats, this post is for you. For those who love creepy things? This post is for you too. If you love both then you're a person after my own heart.

A little background.

There's a popular belief that you don't choose cats they choose you. Well, in this instance, I can definitely vouch for its validity.

Last year, I wasn't planning on having pets. Tried it with a dog and didn't work out. Sorry, dog lovers. I still love dogs. I just can't own one.

Anyway, my mom told me that there was a cat hanging around our house. I didn't pay much attention to it because like a stray it would eventually move on. But when we arrived home that evening, the cat was still waiting by the gate of our house. Something drew me to her and when I reached out she climbed into my arms and that was that.

Her name is Sweetie and she is the love of my life.

At the time, I wasn't thinking about having her spayed. She went in heat, got knocked up, and gave birth to five of the most amazing kittens in the world. The box in the video is where she had them and it's located under my bed.

Here's where the creepy side of the story comes in. Perfect for Halloween.

I always maintain that our old house was haunted. There were definitely spirits hanging around. Well, when I took the video you are about to watch, I didn't think much of it other than recording Sweetie nursing her babies. It was when I posted it on Instagram that I noticed an orb arching above Sweetie towards the end of the video. Click on the link if you want to see it on my Instagram feed since it's magnified there.

Take note that we are under the bed so I had to use my flash for illumination. You can see the reflection on of Sweetie's eyes. Then as the orb finishes flashing you will notice that Sweetie reacts to something.

Watch the video and you be the judge. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

DIY Halloween Treats

Halloween is almost upon us and if you're planning a party you will need spooky treats that everyone can enjoy. Even if you're not a baker-y type, these videos I've gathered from YouTube seem easy to follow. I picked three that I liked the most with lots of views. I hope they are helpful in making your Halloween extra creeptacular this year.

Let's start with the video with the most views. 5M and counting. It was created by Kaelyn.

Her channel is called SevenSuperGirls. In this video, I love the punch idea. I would have used only one flavor of sherbet so that the mix doesn't look muddy. And the dry ice around the bowl is such a cool touch. Totally trying it. Make sure to subscribe to her channel.

The next video involves some baking, but from the looks of things the procedures are pretty simple. Nothing back-breaking here. Ro did a great job and I'm making those candy corn cookies, for sure.

I love all her videos. They are all professionally produced and she has such a fun personality. Subscribe to her channel and find out what I mean. It's Rosanna Pansino.

Our last video has some playacting involved from the creators, which I find really cute. Give their treats a try. I think your guests will enjoy the results.

Subscribe to Rclbeauty101 and check out her other videos. They are not just DIY. Many of them look downright hilarious.

If you do try making any of these treats, please check back with me here in the comments section. I'd love to read about the results. Also, do you have other DIY treats that were not featured in these videos? Please share them with us in the comments section so we can try making them too.

Thank you so much for stopping by today. My last three posts are of the creepy variety. One of them involves my personal paranormal experiences that were read as a listener story on the Bizarre States podcast. Watch out for that one.

Tomorrow's post involves a video I took myself that always sends chills down my spine when I watch it. Let me know if you catch the apparition.

For now, this is Kate, signing out!


Ghost Adventures FanFic Part 3

OMG! Chapter three. You've made it. Most impressively, I've made it. October 27, 2016. Only four days left of my beloved month this year then I have to wait another eleven months before I can fall in love all over again. Oh, like Persephone.

I have totally digressed. Here's the third and final chapter of my Ghost Adventures fanfic that I'm featuring as part of my October challenge posts. I hope you enjoyed the read so far.

In this one, we finally find out what happened to Zane at the Miller House. I won't babble on any longer and let you read.

Okay, did you like the three chapters? Does the story have potential? Should I continue it and maybe explore ways of getting it published? Let me know in the comments section.

It's been such a journey. To be honest, I never thought I would get this far. I believed I could write a blog post daily, but I never really took it seriously. It takes great motivation and determination to publish posts every day.

If you've stayed with me from the start, I'm so grateful. I really am. We are all attempting to carve our little niche in the big, wide web. It is my hope that these posts are the beginning of a renewal for me. A rebirth. A significant change.

Just four more posts and I promise you they are creepy ones as we head into Halloween. Stick with me in this final stretch. We are almost there.

Catch you tomorrow!

This is Kate, signing out!


The Halloween Tree

Welcome back to my blog!

Just a few more days and we're celebrating our favorite holiday! Which is why I'm dedicating this post to one of my favorite stories about Halloween turned into an awesome animated movie.

You guessed it right, it's The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury. The TV movie won a Daytime Emmy, which is a big deal. It aired in 1993, but the story was published in 1972. A part of me wants them to remake the movie so that the animation is updated, but the other part of me doesn't want anyone touching my childhood. The Halloween Tree and The Last Unicorn. These two animations were a huge part of my formative years.

The Halloween Tree is where my love for Halloween began. I was instantly fascinated with the different traditions and how other countries celebrate this day.

Since I'm a huge audiobook fan, I have a treat for all of you. I found a full reading of the Ray Bradbury book on YouTube. It's three hours long, I know, but if you find yourself needing something to play in the background while you do housework or just chilling, give it a go. It's really good.

If you haven't watched the animated movie yet, here are a couple of previews that I hope will convince you to find a copy and settle down with a bowl of popcorn.

Here's the intro to the movie:

And below is the preview:

Confession: I totally had a crush on Pip when I was a kid.

What's your earliest memory of The Halloween Tree? What do you love most about this story? Let me know in the comments section.

After publishing this post, I'm totally watching the movie. It's time.

Check back in tomorrow for another spooktacular post.

For now, this is Kate, signing out!


DIY Halloween Makeup Ideas

Hello, hello!

We're getting down to the wire. Halloween is almost upon us. And you know what this means? Our favorite holiday is here!!!

If you're not sure what your costume is yet, are you sure you really love Halloween?

Joking aside, help is in this post.

Once again I've gathered for your viewing pleasure three videos that I hope will give you last minute ideas for your costume.

I've always been fascinated with makeup. Maybe because I'm not very good at it. A dab of BB Cream, some face powder, mascara, blush, and lipgloss and I'm good to go. But, after watching these videos--well, the first two, anyway--I think I can attempt at least one of these tips. The third one I added because it's so cool. Please, someone, try it and get back to me.

Okay, let's start with a video from LoeyLane. I can stare at her all day, she's gorgeous. And I'm totally trying the cat makeup since I might go as a black cat instead of a demon this year. We'll see. I've been back and forth on my decision.

The last makeup tip is also amazing. Gosh, so many choices and only one face to apply them to. If any of you tries one of her suggestions, please let me know. I'd love to see pics. Make sure to subscribe to her channel after reading this post. Lots of vids that you need to watch on there.

The next video doesn't have any dialogue in it. It's more a demonstration in quick time. But I think SmartistaBeauty has great tips for those last minute makeup ideas for Halloween. Watch and learn.

Which one will you try? There's a lot to choose from in this video. And doesn't she look like a cross between Rihanna and Zendaya? Swoon! Subscribe to her channel now.

The last video I threw in here because it's amazing. If I only knew where to buy liquid latex . . . oh, let's face it. If I tried recreating this, I would look . . . well, I think it would still work since it's Halloween. That's what's so great about this holiday!

I think BeautifulYouTV did a great job with the video. If you like what she did make sure to subscribe to her channel because she has a few more videos that can help with Halloween special effects that you might want to try.

Learn something from the videos? Let me know in the comments section. I'm so excited. I think this will be the best Halloween yet. Then again, I say that every year and every year I'm right.

Make sure to come back tomorrow for another October-inspired post. It's a spooky one!

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Halloween Documentaries

My love for Halloween is fueled by the origins of this beautiful day. This love started with The Halloween Tree. The story follows four children who learn more about how Halloween started while attempting to save the life of their friend. Because of this, every year, I look for new documentaries that give an in-depth look into this holiday.

For this post, I've gathered three of the best documentaries that I've watched over the years. Thank you, YouTube. There are so many documentaries on there, it's crazy.

The first one is called The Haunted History of Halloween. It explores the 3000-year history of the holiday. Can you imagine? It's been around for that long, just in a different form.

The second documentary is called The Real Story of Halloween. Many of these docs are from the History Channel. The film starts off talking about where Halloween is today and then it flashes back to how it all began.

The last one is the History of Halloween. This one looks at the rituals that involve the Halloween celebration we know today and where they came from like: Why do we go trick-or-treating? Why do we dress in costumes? Why do we carve pumpkins? And why do we spend this one night of the year focusing on death?

Which of the documentaries do you like best? Do you know of a documentary that discusses Halloween that I did not feature here? Let me know in the comments section because I'd love to watch it.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please stop by again tomorrow for a new one.

For now, this is Kate, signing out!


Ancient Aliens

I can't believe I reached October 23rd without posting about Ancient Aliens! If you're into the paranormal, most likely you're into aliens as well. The universe is way too big for us to believe that we're alone. Plus, there's too much evidence to ignore the fact that aliens exist.

Ancient Aliens is another accidental find for me. It was the beginning of the year and I was searching for Nostradamus documentaries (which I will create a post about at the end of the year). If you're not familiar, Nostradamus is famous for his predictions. A lot of it has to do with doomsday. I'm totally fascinated by the end of the world, again another post for the future.

Anyway, I digress. I found Ancient Aliens right after I found the latest Nostradamus documentary. They were already in their third season. One episode and I was hooked. I mean, it's made by the History Channel so the production value is high. The next day I searched for the earlier seasons and I never looked back. Now they are in their 11th season, but the show has been around for about nine or so years. Sometimes they divide one season into two for some reason.

For this post, I'm featuring episode 11 of their 11th season. The main reason? Eleven is my life number. And why the hell not? This episode tackles the possibility that the moon is actually a space station like the Death Star. How cool is that?

Watch the video and let me know what you think in the comments section:

You have to watch this show. It's addicting. Even if you don't believe in aliens, it's fascinating to see the evidence that they present. I love the newer seasons the most because they have mind-blowing revelations. I'm crossing my fingers that they continue this series. I love it way too much!

Come back tomorrow for a new post. I'll tackle a Halloween-related topic.

Remember, the truth is out there.

For now, this is Kate, signing out!


No Second Chances

I know NO HOLDING BACK just came out, but book three is already on the way! NO SECOND CHANCES will hit shelves May 16, 2017. Add it to your TBR today. Click here. Check out that gorgeous cover:

Natasha was DEVASTATED when Jackson, her first love, disappeared without a word only to pop up months later as a famous DJ. But now she's over it―over him!―and ready to move on with her life! Isn't she?

Jackson thought he was leaving Dodge Cove behind forever when he set off to LA to start his career as a DJ. But the one thing he had never been able to leave behind was the memory of his first love, Natasha, and now that he's proven his success, he's coming home to win her back...

Get ready to stop time, defy gravity and bring down the stars in this final book in Kate Evangelista's Dodge Cove Trilogy!

Ghosts Caught On Tape

Today's post is a cool one. If you've been following my earlier posts, you're already familiar with the Top5s YouTube channel that I recommended you subscribe to because it's your one stop shop for mysteries, conspiracies, UFOs, and ghosts. I love his videos, which is why, in the spirit of Halloween and all things creepy, I'm featuring four of his ghosts caught on tape videos.

The first one is called 5 Most Chilling & Scariest Pieces of Paranormal Evidence Ever Documented:

It was published on April 16, 2016.

The second video is the 5 Scariest Pieces of Paranormal Footage Ever Recorded.

Published on October 2, 2015.

The third video is probably my favorite and it's called 5 Creepiest Ghost Sightings Caught On Tape.

This one was published on January 18, 2015.

The last video is part two of the 5 Creepy Ghost Sightings Caught On Tape.

It was published on April 25, 2015.

I dare you to watch these videos at night with the lights out. Whether you believe in ghosts or not the footage is fascinating. The ones caught by CCTV cameras are the best. 

Want more Top5s? Make sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel and visit his website for lots more Top5s articles that delve into the paranormal and the bizarre. For October he's doing especially creeptacular videos. I'm already hooked. Make sure not to miss out!

After you finish watching his videos, make sure to check back here tomorrow for a new post. I can see the finish line.

For now, this is Kate, signing out.


Penny Dreadful

I have another TV series for you that is perfect for October. Actually, there is a theme to my recommendations, if you've noticed. All the shows involve the paranormal. I watch all of them and I want you to watch them too. If you have any suggestions that I have not tackled with my posts, feel free to add them in the comments section so I can check them out as well.

For today's post, I'm focusing on Penny Dreadful. The series wrapped after three seasons because the creator said in an interview that he really envisioned Vanessa Ives's story arc ending after twenty-seven episodes.

What I love about this series is the creativity. It brings together all the gothic creatures that we know all too well and have them interact with each other. It's sexy, eerie, and hello, Josh Hartnett. I was pleasantly surprised since I hadn't seen him in anything until this series. Also, anything with Eva Green is an automatic watch/buy for me. She's just fantastic.

Here's the trailer for the first season:

And an interview with the creator:

If you're looking for something out of the box to watch, Penny Dreadful is for you. With only 27 eps, it's the perfect series to binge watch for Halloween. Oh, and the costumes! Eva Green's dresses are epic. If I were to cosplay she would be my peg.

Will you watch Penny Dreadful? If you've already watched it, what do you think of the series? Was the series finale a great ending to Vanessa's story? Let me know in the comments section.

Then check back with me here tomorrow because I have another post involving the paranormal.

For now, this is Kate, signing out!


Ghost Adventures FanFic Part 2

It's finally here! The long wait is over. Chapter two of my Ghost Adventures fanfic is ready for you to devour.

Okay, okay, I'm over-inflating myself, but creepy stuff does happen in this one. Poor Zane. I'm super excited for you to read it. And if you've made it this far with me, thank you! Man, I can't believe that October is almost over. It was only yesterday that my first post went live. 

It looks like I'm getting the hang of this blogging thing again and I might have something more exciting for you come November. But before that, let's finish out this personal challenge first.

Here's the chapter. Read and enjoy!

At this point, I'm shamelessly plugging my stuff. If you're interested in reading my published novels, they are all located to the left of your screen. Grab a copy. Leave a review. I will love you forever.

Also, follow me. For this blog, just enter your email address in the "Follow by Email" slot also to the left of your screen. There's also Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook along with other social media sites I'm a part of. And you guessed it, the links are to the left of your screen. too.

Alright, shameless plug over. Check back with me tomorrow for another Octoberific post!

For now, this is Kate, signing out!


Hemlock Grove

This next show recommendation I actually discovered by accident a couple years back. Netflix is kicking ass in the original content department. I think it's because they are not afraid to push the limits. Hemlock Grove is a great example. Weird. Strange. Totally outside of the box.

Here is the basic premise according to Wiki:

The show examines the strange happenings in Hemlock Grove, a fictional town in Pennsylvania. Roman Godfrey, the heir to the town's wealthy Godfrey family, befriends the town's newcomer, Peter Rumancek. Recent brutal murders in the town have stirred up rumors, and the two work together to shed light on the case while also hiding their own dark secrets.

I think the article explains the show better than I can, so click here to read the rest of the info.

Again this is one of those shows that ends in three seasons so thirty-three episodes and you get all the creepy you can stand. Personally, I haven't watched the third season yet. Reason? The second season F'd me up so bad, I haven't recovered. But I will watch it once the trauma wheres off.

Here's the trailer for the first season:

What do you think? Is Hemlock Grove something you'll add to your Netflix queue? Please say yes. It's perfect for October running up to Halloween.

Gosh, I just realized I have a ton of posts about shows that I'm recommending. Looks like I watch a lot of TV. Maybe I should go walk around the block for a bit.

Check back here tomorrow for a new post.

For now, this is Kate, signing out.


Book Birthday!

Okay, this post is not Halloween related but since it's happening on this day, I had to share it with all of you.

As you know, I write stories for a living and for us writerly types a book release day is a huge deal. It's the day our new baby goes out into the world and we relinquish creative control. Now all we can hope for is that our baby finds success in your hands.

Well, today is No Holding Back's book birthday! Nathan and Preston's story is finally here and I'm beside myself with glee. Celebrate it with me!

Let them take you with them on a European adventure. Then when you're done, I would love a review on Amazon.

Here's all the purchase links. Grab your copy and prepare to swoon:

Barnes & Noble
The Book Depository

Hello, Everyone!

No Holding Back releases on Tuesday and I’m asking for your help spreading the word. All you have to do is tweet or post on your FB wall the message below any time on Tuesday.

 Here is the message:

“Take a trip to Europe this fall–no passport required! No Holding Back by Kate Evangelista available now! #LGBTQ #YA

I appreciate your help. Thank you so much!

Kate Evangelista

Favorite Halloween

I have many favorite Halloween memories. As a child, I eagerly awaited trick or treating in the afternoons to early evening. Totally counted down the hours.

At the time, I lived in a gated community that was gung ho about Halloween. Not only did each house give away candy, there were homes that went all out, creating haunted houses that you could go into before getting your candy.

The costume I remember most was when I went as a Jack-in-a-Box. Cumbersome since it had wiring that shaped the box around my body, but I had so much fun it did not matter. I wish I had pictures to show you.

I still miss trick or treating. I really do.

My favorite memory came from three years ago. Our village conducted a house decorating contest that culminated on the day the kids trick or treated. I was so into it that we actually won 2nd place. It was awesome. My mother dressed as a witch and I went as the demon she summoned. I created a scary table and a walkway that led to the treats.

The kids had so much fun. I loved giving out the candy and when I spotted teens I'd pass them some bookmarks featuring my books too. Yeah, yeah, shamelessly plugging my work. Why not?

It was really a Halloween to remember.

What about you? What is your favorite Halloween memory? Share it with me in the comments section.

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Before you get mad at me, I say skip this one if you're not a fan of the Ghostbusters reboot. I know the reviews weren't that great, but I personally enjoyed the movie. Which is why I wanted to devote at least one post to it for my October challenge.

Growing up with the original Ghostbusters, I never thought the day would come that someone would actually remake the movie with four women in the key roles. The moment the news confirmed Melissa McCarthy was involved I was sold. I loved her from her Gilmore Girls days and I've never looked back. Every movie she's in I will watch, no matter what.

It's nice to know that a new generation of girls have a group of awesome, funny women to look up to the way I wanted to be part of the original crew. Slimer is totally my buddy.

The only thing I regret about watching the movie is not staying until the end of the credits. Apparently, there's a scene where Zuul is introduced. Dammit!

Also refreshing is the cameos from the original cast. My heart leaped every time I recognized each one of them. My favorite of the four women has to be Kate McKinnon's character. She was insane in all the good ways.

I could go on and on about this movie. If you haven't watched it yet out of loyalty for the original then there's really not much I can say to convince you. But for those who haven't seen it yet and want something for the weekend, check out the trailer:

Come back tomorrow for another October-related post. You'll want to read this one, promise.

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Deadly Possessions

Okay, with this post, it becomes obvious my love for anything involving Zak Bagans. He's lead investigator of the Ghost Adventures crew. And because of his success with Ghost Adventures, he's able to open a museum filled with haunted items that were given to him after investigating a haunted area and relics that he bought like Dr. Kevorkian’s Death Van.

You know I'm totally visiting that museum whenever I'm in Las Vagas. I need to see those artifacts.

Because the museum just opened, Zak and the crew filmed six episodes that feature special items that are said to be haunted. The show is called Deadly Possessions. Not sure if it will go beyond one season. I sure hope so because anything paranormal I will devour like a hungry ghost in August.

Since it's only six episodes, it's another show perfect for binge-watching. By now, you're also starting to understand that I'm big on binge-watching. This isn't exclusive to paranormal shows. Any show I like I will want to watch a bunch of episodes in one day. It's my idea of an exciting weekend.

Below is my favorite episode of season one. It involves a painting that sets fire to any home that it is in. Watch it and let me know what you think afterward.

The list of episodes for Deadly Possessions is as follows:

Episode 1: Robert the Doll/Dibbuk Box

Episode 2: Conjure Chest/St. Valentine's Day Massacre

Episode 3: Peggy the Doll/ John Murrell's Thumb

Episode 4: Charles Manson's TV/ Bela Lugosi's Haunted Mirror

Episode 5: Ed Gein's Cauldron and The Crying Boy Paintings

Episode 6: Dr. Kevorkian’s Death Van/Natalie Wood’s Yacht

Just click on the links if you want to watch the episodes on YouTube. Then let me know in the comments section which one you liked most. Or is this just a bunch of bull? If you think it is then I don't suggest reading my posts this month because a lot more where that came from.

Check back with me tomorrow for another spooktacular post. It's a good one!

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Scream TV Series

I think I mentioned this already in an earlier post but it begs mentioning again. When I like something I want to share it with as many people as possible. This applies to food, movies, TV series. For today's post I'm recommending a new series that I hope you will give a go.

The Scream movies came out when I was in high school. I still remember Drew Barrymore taking that first call in the beginning of the first movie. The moment she realizes the call is coming from inside the house is iconic!

All four movies are definitely worth the watch, but this post is about the series that MTV created based on the movies. If I'm being honest, I was skeptical at first. Even Noah, my favorite character in the series, says slasher flicks can't be adapted to TV. But the episodes building upon one another kept me watching. 

There are two seasons so far. And I've discovered that Scream is a great series to binge watch because the suspense builds nicely and you try guessing who the killer is as the characters do their own sluething. 

If you're not convinced yet, here's the first eight minutes of the first season.

The next video is the first seven minutes of the second season.

With Teen Wolf ending this year, give Scream a chance. I'm following it into the third season because I'm curious to see what happens next. There is always a bomb that is dropped in the finale. The second season's finale bomb is a doozy. 

Have you watched this series? What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section. I hope Noah doesn't die any time soon because in my opinion he's the best, most sympathetic character of the bunch. 

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There is so much more I want to share with all of you. Check back tomorrow for a new post.

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Ghost Adventures FanFic Part 1

If you've read my previous post about Ghost Adventures, you already know that I'm a fan of that show. In fact, I'm such a fan that I was inspired to write fanfic about Zak, Nick, and Aaron. Being a writer by profession, I couldn't help myself. Of course, since it involves real people, I changed the names.

So far I only have a few chapters because other writing commitments took me away from it, but I'm planning on finishing this baby in the future. For my October posts, I plan on featuring the first three chapters, which will come out one per week. 

Today, I'm publishing chapter one. I hope you like it.

Check back next week for chapter two. Also, come back tomorrow for another October/Halloween related post. 

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I hope you enjoyed chapter one. See you back here. Same time. Same place.

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Paranormal Lockdown

Ready for another paranormal show to binge watch this month? Well, I have another one for you. The first season is only six episodes. Watch them all in one sitting.

In my Ghost Adventures post last week, I mentioned that Nick Groff--one of the original Ghost Adventures investigators--left the show. A couple years later--most probably after his non-compete clause ended--Nick started his own show with Katrina Weidman, formerly of Paranormal State. It's called Paranormal Lockdown

They team up to investigate a location and stay for 72hrs. That's something I've not seen before. And they have new equipment that helps them with their investigations. 

Below is their first episode, featuring Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. Watch it and let me know what you think in the comments section.

So, is Paranormal Lockdown your new fav? I'm certainly following it. They just announced their second season, which will premiere on 2017. Apparently, they are already investigating new locations. I can't wait to see the evidence they come up with. 

Do you have paranormal shows that you watch regularly? Tell me in the comments section. I'm always open to suggestions. 

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DIY Halloween Decorations

Hey, Peeps!

How is everyone today? It's the eleventh of October. Not that it really equates to anything, but eleven is my life number so I feel so alive right now.

We've entered our second week of posts. How awesome is that? I'm totally floored that I've made it this far and I haven't imploded yet. This gives me hope. The challenge is a marathon. Hopefully, I'm pacing myself well.

Let's get down to today's post, shall we?

One of my favorite things about Halloween is the decorations. Thinking of how your home will look and what theme you will follow is part of the fun. But, let's face it, sometimes we run out of ideas. Halloween can be daunting to decorate for because you don't want to throw random freaky stuff on your lawn, front door, whatever.

This is where the magic of YouTube comes in. Once again, I have gathered the top DIY videos that can help you decorate for that very special day at the end of this month.

The first video I'm featuring in this post comes from IdunnGoddess. I picked this one because it has the most views at 900k and it's 14mins long. At the same time, there's very little talking. If you're a visual learner--like I am--this video is for you.

If you liked this video, make sure to subscribe to IdunnGoddess' channel because she has a ton of other DIY videos you can learn from. Even one where she gives you ideas on how to decorate your room for fall. I'm totally checking it out.

The next one is from Gillian Bower. It's about 5mins long but I love the ideas she's sharing. Especially the spider web balloons. It looks so cool! If you have a tree in your yard, this is the decor for you.

If Gillian's video hits the right spot for you then subscribe to her channel. She actually has another DIY Halloween video that's specifically for decorating your room. If my cats wouldn't go insane dismantling the decor, I would totally try her tips and tricks. Don't you just love her accent?

And our third video comes from GlamourLifeFox. She features cats. Enough said? Okay, okay, I'm shoving aside my crazy cat lady alter ego. I picked this video because of that Jack Skellington Wreath! You know I'm totally trying to make that, right?

I love the production value of this video too. For that alone, I'm slamming the "Subscribe" button on her channel. Go do it too. Yes, I'm peer pressuring you into it. But I also think you won't be disappointed since she has a lot of interesting videos.

Have an idea for Halloween decor that wasn't mentioned in any of the videos? Please feel free do share it in the comments section. Since I live in a condo, my main focus is my door. When I'm done I'm totally sharing pics with all of you.

Well, that's it for me today. Thank you so much for sticking with me this far into the October post challenge. Keep me company all the way, okay?

Check back tomorrow for another Octoberesque post.

This is Kate, signing out.



When I like something, I really need to share it, because why not? The more people who share in what I like the better. And why be stingy?

So, for today's post, I want to share another paranormal/supernatural source I tune into on a weekly basis. It's a YouTube Channel called Top5s.

Disclaimer: There are so many imitations out there. The one I'm sharing with you today is the best one and, as far as I can tell, the original one.

Here are a couple of facts about this channel:

1. The guy who creates the videos lives in the UK. At least that's what it says on the "About" section of his channel.

2. He has over 1M subscribers. Yup.

3. Total views on his videos is over 200M. And I totally understand why because his vids are awesome. I'm not kidding. They are well researched and his narration is always objective.

I found him by accident, actually. A click-bait article got me. It featured the Elisa Lam murder, which then led to the Top5s video called 5 Theories On The Mysterious and Unexplained Death of Elisa Lam. I watched it and the rest is history. Here's the video. Watch it and see what I mean:

I love his creepy paranormal videos the best. October is the best time to binge-watch his channel. Subscribe. Follow him on Twitter. And visit his website.

I dare you to watch his vids with the lights off and not freak out. *evil laughter*


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Scary Stories

In today's post, I want to share with you something I discovered a couple years ago. It's from

Since it's October and a majority of my posts will be about the paranormal, I give you 20 Terrifying Two-Sentence Horror Stories. I dare you to read them without freaking out.

20 Terrifying Two-Sentence Horror Stories

If you want to read the original post the infographic came from, just click on the title of the article above.

Which one freaked you out the most? Think you can do better? Share with me your two-sentence scary story in the comments section. If I like yours I'll send you a prize. :)

Check back tomorrow for another post related to October or the paranormal. I have great plans for all of you this month. Stay tuned!

For now, this is Kate, signing out!


Tarot Reading

Today is an extra special post because it combines a couple of videos, a Bizarre States podcast episode, and my personal experience.

When I was in high school a classmate of mine was into the occult. She bought a tarot deck, which I eventually inherited because she found religion. But we won't get into that.

For those not familiar with the word tarot, according to Wiki:

The tarot (/ˈtæroʊ/; first known as trionfi and later as tarocchi, tarock, and others) is a pack of playing cards (most commonly numbering 78), used from the mid-15th century in various parts of Europe to play a group of card games such as Italian tarocchini and French tarot. From the late 18th century until the present time the tarot has also found use by mystics and occultists for divination.

Read the rest of the article by clicking here.

When you're having your tarot read the deck of cards is used to answer a certain question you might have. It's usually about love, the future, or something you're unsure about. Sometimes, when I used to do readings (which I became really good at, by the way) there didn't need to be a specific question. The person just wanted a general reading. I never charged for the service. I did it for the fun of it.

My favorite spread was called the Celtic Cross because it covered a variety of aspects in a person's life including the past, the present, and the future. The two videos I'm featuring in this post tackle the Cletic Cross in more detail.

The first video is from Daily Tarot Girl.

The second one is from virtualtarotschool.

If you liked their videos, make sure to subscribe to their YouTube channels by clicking on the links provided.

I stopped reading years ago and gave away the deck I received from my classmate in high school. But I'm thinking of restarting again. I'm actually looking into which deck to buy. It needs to be the right one or I wouldn't do it at all. I believe you need a personal connection with your deck in order to be effective while performing a reading. When I finally find the right deck, I'll film a reading and post it here. So stay tuned.

For now, listen to this episode of the Bizarre States podcast where Jenna Busch does a tarot reading. It's quiet entertaining. I couldn't find the periscope video. *le sigh*

So have you experienced a tarot reading? Was your question answered? Or is this all baloney to you? Let me know in the comments section.

I hope you learned something new today. Make sure to come back tomorrow for another post.

For now, this is Kate, signing out!


Horror Books

Disclaimer: Two of the horror novels in this post I could not finish, which is why I'm recommending them.

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I'm a HUGE scared-y cat. This especially applies to books. There's something about reading freaky or horrific things that really bothers me. I can't sleep. I'm uneasy. Even during the day. This is why I stay away from reading horror. The ones I did try I couldn't finish not because they were badly written but because they were so good I chickened out.

The first book I'm recommending is actually The Scorch Trials (Maze Runner, Book 2). Those familiar with the Maze Runner series would know that the book is dystopian sci-fi. The reason why I couldn't finish it was because of those scary infected people the main characters had to escape from. The descriptions were so vivid that I just couldn't continue and still enjoy the story. I highly recommend the series.

The synopsis is below and mozie on over to Amazon or your favorite bookstore to grab a copy:

Solving the Maze was supposed to be the end.

Thomas was sure that escape from the Maze would mean freedom for him and the Gladers. But WICKED isn’t done yet. Phase Two has just begun. The Scorch.

There are no rules. There is no help. You either make it or you die.

The Gladers have two weeks to cross through the Scorch—the most burned-out section of the world. And WICKED has made sure to adjust the variables and stack the odds against them.

Friendships will be tested. Loyalties will be broken. All bets are off.

There are others now. Their survival depends on the Gladers’ destruction—and they’re determined to survive.

The second book I read and couldn't finish is called The Light (Morpheus Road). Just thinking about the story gives me goose bumps. The being haunting Marshall was so scary I thought it was haunting me too. That's how disturbed I was. It's good to reiterate that I'm easily scared so you might survive reading this book better than I did. 

If you haven't read this yet, check it out on Amazon or borrow it from your local library. Here's the synopsis:

Marshall Seaver is being haunted.

It begins with mysterious sounds, a fleeting face outside a window, a rogue breeze—all things that can be explained away. That is, until he comes face-to-face with a character who only exists on 
the pages of a sketchbook—a character Marshall himself created.

Marshall has no idea why he is being tormented by this forbidding creature, but he is quickly convinced it has something to do with his best friend, Cooper, who has gone missing. Together with Cooper’s beautiful but aloof sister, Sydney, Marshall searches for the truth about his friend while ultimately uncovering a nightmare that is bigger and more frightening than he could ever have imagined.

The last book I actually finished only because it was in audio book form. I realized I'm less scared while listening instead of actually reading. Joyland is my first Stephen King book. Not as horrific as most of his other books, I'm sure, but it still sent a chill down my spine. I'm so thankful a friend sent me the copy. I'm actually thinking about reading a few more of his books after this one.

Here's the synopsis in case you're not familiar with it:

Set in a small-town North Carolina amusement park in 1973, Joyland tells the story of the summer in which college student Devin Jones comes to work as a carny and confronts the legacy of a vicious murder, the fate of a dying child, and the ways both will change his life forever.

Grab a copy from Amazon. It's a mystery you will enjoy solving with the protagonist.

For this post, I won't be asking for recommendations because I might not be brave enough to read them anyway. But I do welcome your thoughts on the three books I suggested in this post. Have you read them? What did you think? And if you're just about to read them, check back here. I'd love to read your thoughts!

I hope after reading this post you have three more books to add to your ever growing TBR. I know mine never gets any shorter. The moment I finish a book I add three more to the list. It's a great problem to have. 

Tomorrow, I have a post for you about Tarot Reading. Please check back in and read what I have in store for you. Again, if you haven't followed my blog yet, just add your email to the "Follow by Email" section to the left of your screen. Also, since you're already checking out the left of your screen, follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

See you back here tomorrow!

This is Kate, signing out!


Favorite Horror Movies

Hi, Everyone!

One thing you should know about me is I love watching movies. I'm a huge scared-y cat, but I love horror. Even if I have to watch most of a movie between my fingers, I would. There's just something about the jump scares. And the mystery. In many of the movies I love the characters have to solve whatever is causing the paranormal occurrence.

If you're looking for something to watch this October, I have three suggestions you can check out. If you've already watched them, let me know your thoughts. Scary? Needs improvement? If it were rebooted today, what would you want changed?

Let's get started!

The first is Ringu, the original Japanese that inspired the American version starring Naomi Watts. I was in college when I watched this movie. I remember being so freaked out about Sadako coming out of the TV that I couldn't sleep in my dorm room because my TV was at the foot of my bed. I needed to actually cover the TV with a towel and have the lights on to sleep.

Here's the synopsis according to IMDb:

Ruthlessly murdered by her father, the ghost of a seer's daughter kills all those who watch a weird video after 7 days; unless the viewer finds the escape clause.

And the trailer:

The second movie is Drag Me to Hell. This is the first horror movie I watched that had me laughing and scared at the same time. And the twist at the end? Brilliant! I won't talk about it much because spoiler alert, but if you haven't watched this film yet you're missing half your life. Go watch it now!

IMDb synopsis:

A loan officer who evicts an old woman from her home finds herself the recipient of a supernatural curse. Desperate, she turns to a seer to try and save her soul, while evil forces work to push her to a breaking point.

The trailer:

Last by not the least is What Lies Beneath. I love the psychological aspect of the horror. There's a ton of paranormal events in the movie too. My favorite memory about this movie involved my dad. We watched it in the theater and he had a tub of popcorn. During one of the scares he was so startled that popcorn flew everywhere. Now, normally, this wouldn't be funny, but if you knew my tough-guy dad, his reaction was hilarious.

Check out IMDb for more info, but here's the synopsis:

The wife of a university research scientist believes that her lakeside Vermont home is haunted by a ghost - or that she is losing her mind.

And check out the trailer:

If you're watching these movies for the first time, check back and let me know what you think. Did they scare you? And as an extra challenge, watch them at night with the lights out.

Thank you for hanging out with me today. Check back tomorrow for another Octobertastic post. And if you want to follow my blog, add your email to the "Follow by Email" slot to the left of your screen and get updates as soon as they go live.

For now, this is Kate, signing out!


Ghost Adventures

As a fan of the paranormal, I'm obsessed with shows that feature ghost hunting and investigations. There are so many out there and you can easy get overwhelmed. Heck, there's even a channel devoted to purely paranormal shows.

One of my favorites is Ghost Adventures. I will admit to having had a huge crush on the host, Zak Bagans, for years. I've since grown out of the crush, but I am still a devoted fan of the show. This is why I wanted to feature it as part of my October celebration posts.

I discovered Ghost Adventures through their very first episode, which is actually the documentary they made that began this wild journey into the supernatural. In the beginning, it was Zak, Nick, and Aaron. Nick has since left the show and I miss him dearly, but the silver lining is Nick has his own show now. I will feature it on a later date.

What I love about Ghost Adventures is their sincerity. Zak is the one who always gets the "feelings." To this day he still freaks out when something happens. So funny. Nick used to be the one most affected and possessed. And Aaron has a thing for attracting the spirits of children. One even called him "baldy" in an EVP.

I can go on and on about this show, but I think it's even better if you experience it for yourself. Below is the documentary that started it all. Watch it and let me know what you think in the comments section. Also, are you already a fan of Ghost Adventures? What's your favorite episode? Inquiring minds want to know!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Make sure to check out more Ghost Adventures by visiting the Travel Channel website and following Zak, Aaron, and the crew on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Check back tomorrow for another October/Halloween related post.

For now, this is Kate, signing out.


DIY Halloween Costumes

As part of my Halloween-themed posts for October, I wanted to feature the best DIY videos from YouTube so these posts can be your one stop shop for costumes, decorations, treats, and make-up. I picked the videos based on the number of views. All of them are more than 1M.

My other criteria is simplicity. What I mean by this is the tasks are actually doable. Something even I can pull off.

So, for today's post, I've gathered the top three DIY Halloween Costume videos on YouTube. If you don't know what you'll wear and might not have a huge budget, these videos are for you.

The first is by CloeCouture. She has over 2M subscribers and this particular video has 10M views. Make sure to subscribe to her channel because her work is fantastic.

The second DIY video I found is by the amazing duo, Niki and Gabi. They have over 4M subscribers and the video below has over 5M views. After watching this video, subscribe to their channel, you never know what you might find.

The last video is by LaurDIY. How can you go wrong with a channel name like that? She has over 4M subscribers as well and the video below has 3M videos.

If you haven't found a costume for Halloween after watching all three vids then I have nothing else to offer you. But I do hope these were helpful. Have fun with your costume. Halloween allows us to be someone else for the night. How awesome is that?

Do you already know who or what you'll go as this year? Make sure to let me know in the comments section. I'm going as a blue-haired demon and it's going to be epic.

Come back tomorrow for another Halloween-themed post.

For now, this is Kate, signing out.

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