Deadly Possessions

Okay, with this post, it becomes obvious my love for anything involving Zak Bagans. He's lead investigator of the Ghost Adventures crew. And because of his success with Ghost Adventures, he's able to open a museum filled with haunted items that were given to him after investigating a haunted area and relics that he bought like Dr. Kevorkian’s Death Van.

You know I'm totally visiting that museum whenever I'm in Las Vagas. I need to see those artifacts.

Because the museum just opened, Zak and the crew filmed six episodes that feature special items that are said to be haunted. The show is called Deadly Possessions. Not sure if it will go beyond one season. I sure hope so because anything paranormal I will devour like a hungry ghost in August.

Since it's only six episodes, it's another show perfect for binge-watching. By now, you're also starting to understand that I'm big on binge-watching. This isn't exclusive to paranormal shows. Any show I like I will want to watch a bunch of episodes in one day. It's my idea of an exciting weekend.

Below is my favorite episode of season one. It involves a painting that sets fire to any home that it is in. Watch it and let me know what you think afterward.

The list of episodes for Deadly Possessions is as follows:

Episode 1: Robert the Doll/Dibbuk Box

Episode 2: Conjure Chest/St. Valentine's Day Massacre

Episode 3: Peggy the Doll/ John Murrell's Thumb

Episode 4: Charles Manson's TV/ Bela Lugosi's Haunted Mirror

Episode 5: Ed Gein's Cauldron and The Crying Boy Paintings

Episode 6: Dr. Kevorkian’s Death Van/Natalie Wood’s Yacht

Just click on the links if you want to watch the episodes on YouTube. Then let me know in the comments section which one you liked most. Or is this just a bunch of bull? If you think it is then I don't suggest reading my posts this month because a lot more where that came from.

Check back with me tomorrow for another spooktacular post. It's a good one!

For now, this is Kate, signing out.


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