DIY Halloween Makeup Ideas

Hello, hello!

We're getting down to the wire. Halloween is almost upon us. And you know what this means? Our favorite holiday is here!!!

If you're not sure what your costume is yet, are you sure you really love Halloween?

Joking aside, help is in this post.

Once again I've gathered for your viewing pleasure three videos that I hope will give you last minute ideas for your costume.

I've always been fascinated with makeup. Maybe because I'm not very good at it. A dab of BB Cream, some face powder, mascara, blush, and lipgloss and I'm good to go. But, after watching these videos--well, the first two, anyway--I think I can attempt at least one of these tips. The third one I added because it's so cool. Please, someone, try it and get back to me.

Okay, let's start with a video from LoeyLane. I can stare at her all day, she's gorgeous. And I'm totally trying the cat makeup since I might go as a black cat instead of a demon this year. We'll see. I've been back and forth on my decision.

The last makeup tip is also amazing. Gosh, so many choices and only one face to apply them to. If any of you tries one of her suggestions, please let me know. I'd love to see pics. Make sure to subscribe to her channel after reading this post. Lots of vids that you need to watch on there.

The next video doesn't have any dialogue in it. It's more a demonstration in quick time. But I think SmartistaBeauty has great tips for those last minute makeup ideas for Halloween. Watch and learn.

Which one will you try? There's a lot to choose from in this video. And doesn't she look like a cross between Rihanna and Zendaya? Swoon! Subscribe to her channel now.

The last video I threw in here because it's amazing. If I only knew where to buy liquid latex . . . oh, let's face it. If I tried recreating this, I would look . . . well, I think it would still work since it's Halloween. That's what's so great about this holiday!

I think BeautifulYouTV did a great job with the video. If you like what she did make sure to subscribe to her channel because she has a few more videos that can help with Halloween special effects that you might want to try.

Learn something from the videos? Let me know in the comments section. I'm so excited. I think this will be the best Halloween yet. Then again, I say that every year and every year I'm right.

Make sure to come back tomorrow for another October-inspired post. It's a spooky one!

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For now, this is Kate, signing out.


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