DIY Halloween Treats

Halloween is almost upon us and if you're planning a party you will need spooky treats that everyone can enjoy. Even if you're not a baker-y type, these videos I've gathered from YouTube seem easy to follow. I picked three that I liked the most with lots of views. I hope they are helpful in making your Halloween extra creeptacular this year.

Let's start with the video with the most views. 5M and counting. It was created by Kaelyn.

Her channel is called SevenSuperGirls. In this video, I love the punch idea. I would have used only one flavor of sherbet so that the mix doesn't look muddy. And the dry ice around the bowl is such a cool touch. Totally trying it. Make sure to subscribe to her channel.

The next video involves some baking, but from the looks of things the procedures are pretty simple. Nothing back-breaking here. Ro did a great job and I'm making those candy corn cookies, for sure.

I love all her videos. They are all professionally produced and she has such a fun personality. Subscribe to her channel and find out what I mean. It's Rosanna Pansino.

Our last video has some playacting involved from the creators, which I find really cute. Give their treats a try. I think your guests will enjoy the results.

Subscribe to Rclbeauty101 and check out her other videos. They are not just DIY. Many of them look downright hilarious.

If you do try making any of these treats, please check back with me here in the comments section. I'd love to read about the results. Also, do you have other DIY treats that were not featured in these videos? Please share them with us in the comments section so we can try making them too.

Thank you so much for stopping by today. My last three posts are of the creepy variety. One of them involves my personal paranormal experiences that were read as a listener story on the Bizarre States podcast. Watch out for that one.

Tomorrow's post involves a video I took myself that always sends chills down my spine when I watch it. Let me know if you catch the apparition.

For now, this is Kate, signing out!


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