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One thing you should know about me is I love watching movies. I'm a huge scared-y cat, but I love horror. Even if I have to watch most of a movie between my fingers, I would. There's just something about the jump scares. And the mystery. In many of the movies I love the characters have to solve whatever is causing the paranormal occurrence.

If you're looking for something to watch this October, I have three suggestions you can check out. If you've already watched them, let me know your thoughts. Scary? Needs improvement? If it were rebooted today, what would you want changed?

Let's get started!

The first is Ringu, the original Japanese that inspired the American version starring Naomi Watts. I was in college when I watched this movie. I remember being so freaked out about Sadako coming out of the TV that I couldn't sleep in my dorm room because my TV was at the foot of my bed. I needed to actually cover the TV with a towel and have the lights on to sleep.

Here's the synopsis according to IMDb:

Ruthlessly murdered by her father, the ghost of a seer's daughter kills all those who watch a weird video after 7 days; unless the viewer finds the escape clause.

And the trailer:

The second movie is Drag Me to Hell. This is the first horror movie I watched that had me laughing and scared at the same time. And the twist at the end? Brilliant! I won't talk about it much because spoiler alert, but if you haven't watched this film yet you're missing half your life. Go watch it now!

IMDb synopsis:

A loan officer who evicts an old woman from her home finds herself the recipient of a supernatural curse. Desperate, she turns to a seer to try and save her soul, while evil forces work to push her to a breaking point.

The trailer:

Last by not the least is What Lies Beneath. I love the psychological aspect of the horror. There's a ton of paranormal events in the movie too. My favorite memory about this movie involved my dad. We watched it in the theater and he had a tub of popcorn. During one of the scares he was so startled that popcorn flew everywhere. Now, normally, this wouldn't be funny, but if you knew my tough-guy dad, his reaction was hilarious.

Check out IMDb for more info, but here's the synopsis:

The wife of a university research scientist believes that her lakeside Vermont home is haunted by a ghost - or that she is losing her mind.

And check out the trailer:

If you're watching these movies for the first time, check back and let me know what you think. Did they scare you? And as an extra challenge, watch them at night with the lights out.

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