Ghosts Caught On Tape

Today's post is a cool one. If you've been following my earlier posts, you're already familiar with the Top5s YouTube channel that I recommended you subscribe to because it's your one stop shop for mysteries, conspiracies, UFOs, and ghosts. I love his videos, which is why, in the spirit of Halloween and all things creepy, I'm featuring four of his ghosts caught on tape videos.

The first one is called 5 Most Chilling & Scariest Pieces of Paranormal Evidence Ever Documented:

It was published on April 16, 2016.

The second video is the 5 Scariest Pieces of Paranormal Footage Ever Recorded.

Published on October 2, 2015.

The third video is probably my favorite and it's called 5 Creepiest Ghost Sightings Caught On Tape.

This one was published on January 18, 2015.

The last video is part two of the 5 Creepy Ghost Sightings Caught On Tape.

It was published on April 25, 2015.

I dare you to watch these videos at night with the lights out. Whether you believe in ghosts or not the footage is fascinating. The ones caught by CCTV cameras are the best. 

Want more Top5s? Make sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel and visit his website for lots more Top5s articles that delve into the paranormal and the bizarre. For October he's doing especially creeptacular videos. I'm already hooked. Make sure not to miss out!

After you finish watching his videos, make sure to check back here tomorrow for a new post. I can see the finish line.

For now, this is Kate, signing out.


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