Hemlock Grove

This next show recommendation I actually discovered by accident a couple years back. Netflix is kicking ass in the original content department. I think it's because they are not afraid to push the limits. Hemlock Grove is a great example. Weird. Strange. Totally outside of the box.

Here is the basic premise according to Wiki:

The show examines the strange happenings in Hemlock Grove, a fictional town in Pennsylvania. Roman Godfrey, the heir to the town's wealthy Godfrey family, befriends the town's newcomer, Peter Rumancek. Recent brutal murders in the town have stirred up rumors, and the two work together to shed light on the case while also hiding their own dark secrets.

I think the article explains the show better than I can, so click here to read the rest of the info.

Again this is one of those shows that ends in three seasons so thirty-three episodes and you get all the creepy you can stand. Personally, I haven't watched the third season yet. Reason? The second season F'd me up so bad, I haven't recovered. But I will watch it once the trauma wheres off.

Here's the trailer for the first season:

What do you think? Is Hemlock Grove something you'll add to your Netflix queue? Please say yes. It's perfect for October running up to Halloween.

Gosh, I just realized I have a ton of posts about shows that I'm recommending. Looks like I watch a lot of TV. Maybe I should go walk around the block for a bit.

Check back here tomorrow for a new post.

For now, this is Kate, signing out.


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