The Halloween Tree

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Just a few more days and we're celebrating our favorite holiday! Which is why I'm dedicating this post to one of my favorite stories about Halloween turned into an awesome animated movie.

You guessed it right, it's The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury. The TV movie won a Daytime Emmy, which is a big deal. It aired in 1993, but the story was published in 1972. A part of me wants them to remake the movie so that the animation is updated, but the other part of me doesn't want anyone touching my childhood. The Halloween Tree and The Last Unicorn. These two animations were a huge part of my formative years.

The Halloween Tree is where my love for Halloween began. I was instantly fascinated with the different traditions and how other countries celebrate this day.

Since I'm a huge audiobook fan, I have a treat for all of you. I found a full reading of the Ray Bradbury book on YouTube. It's three hours long, I know, but if you find yourself needing something to play in the background while you do housework or just chilling, give it a go. It's really good.

If you haven't watched the animated movie yet, here are a couple of previews that I hope will convince you to find a copy and settle down with a bowl of popcorn.

Here's the intro to the movie:

And below is the preview:

Confession: I totally had a crush on Pip when I was a kid.

What's your earliest memory of The Halloween Tree? What do you love most about this story? Let me know in the comments section.

After publishing this post, I'm totally watching the movie. It's time.

Check back in tomorrow for another spooktacular post.

For now, this is Kate, signing out!


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