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Hi everyone and Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone is enjoying the season! I love everything about this time of year (well, except the biting cold) and it always makes me think about snuggling up with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book by the Christmas tree. I live on the East Coast, so it's always a toss up whether or not I'll be able to spend any time outside during the month of December, or if it'll be freezing. Because of this, I always have to make sure I've stocked up on different sources of entertainment to keep me occupied throughout the winter! With that in mind, I tried to come up with something that might help you all from going stir crazy if you're in a similar situation.

So, I created a coloring page! I love these because you can do them in front of the TV, or while listening to music, or even just with a cup of cocoa and the quiet. They're a great way of relieving some of that holiday stress, and can provide a little "me" time. The drawing is of three of my characters from Amid Stars and Darkness (out July 18, 2017) being festive with Christmas themed hats.  Being that they're aliens, Ruckus and Trystan don't really know much about the holidays, which is probably why they got stuck being reindeer while Delaney got the Santa hat. Feel free to click on the image and download it straight to your computer, share it with friends, etc.

For more coloring pages and information about my books, please visit my blog The Window Seat.

Once again, I really hope you're all doing well and that you have a fantastic, and festive, holiday season!


Chani Lynn Feener


Kate's Note:

Thank you so much for the coloring page, Chani! I'm definitely printing it out. Also, for the readers of this blog, Chani asked me to mention that she has a book coming out this Dec. 25, 2016. Make sure to check out Unhinged by clicking here. Happy reading!

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