4 Days Later

The cast came off on Wednesday. Since then the swelling has gone down a bit, but the side where the break is still looks puffy. According to two doctors and Google (because I can't help myself) this is completely normal. I'm trying my best to remain calm and positive.

I mentioned in a prior post that I thought I was a good thing having to wait until Saturday to go and see the physical therapy doctor. It gave my foot time to look less angry. At the same time, Dr. Domingo really put me at ease when he looked at my x-rays. When he looked at the latest one he said it looked good.

I love nice doctors with great bedside manners. They really know how to put a patient who might be prone to freaking out at ease. That's very important to me. Dr. Domingo even commented on the fact that I was in high spirits. I liked that.

Today was quite a milestone. I was able to take 11 (count them, 11) tiny steps. Of course, I was freaking out inside the entire time, but that's progress. I might have even over done it. So I'm going to chill for a bit.

Also, I was able to cook myself some lunch. Imagine that? Noodles and some spam, but still! That's because I'm starting to feel comfortable standing on both feet. My healing foot is still awkward to stand on because of the stiffness of not having been used, but I was able to move around in our kitchen. That made me so happy.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of nine sessions of physical therapy. I'm really praying that everything goes well and that I can start walking again. School starts soon and I'd really like to teach without having to be in a wheelchair anymore.

It's go time. I'm taking my life back. Body, heal!

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