Brooklyn Nine Nine

I have to be honest and write that I'm new to the Brooklyn Nine Nine fandom. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I only started watching it because I was looking for something to binge while in bed.

The show has always been in my radar over the years, but I don't know. I never had the impetus to watch it. It's a comedy, so it should have been on my queue every week. Maybe because it was about cops and usually I associate them with drama when on TV and not comedy? Really, my brain is weird.

When it was cancelled recently, my Twitter feed was flooded with save Brooklyn Nine Nine tweets. It was nonstop, unrelenting. The only way to avoid it was to stay away from social media. Then all the buzz paid off and the show was revived, but for only 13 episodes, which means it's still under threat of cancellation. Hopefully the fans rally and the show gets it's full season of 22 to 23 episode.

Last week, I finally broke down and gave the show a shot. I do not regret a thing. Why did I hold off on watching it for so long? The characters are hilarious. The situations they get into are insane. And the dialogue, even if silly sometimes, can make me laugh until I can't breathe.

Season after season I found myself immersed in the lives of Jake and Amy and Holt and Boyle and Terry and Rosa. Oh, and Gina. We must not forget her. Okay, Scully and Hitchcock too! I can't imagine the show without any one of them.

My favorite episodes would have to be the holiday ones. The Halloween heist are the best. Not only because Halloween is my favorite day of the year. Thanksgiving episodes were particularly hilarious too.

My biggest laughs come from the first few minutes of the show before the opening credits. Something weird or insane always happens. It sets off the tone of the entire episode.

I always want to give Boyle a hug. Captain Holt is by far my favorite character. Jake always gets into trouble but he manages to always save the day. When Amy and Rosa are together it's always magic. And Terry. Yogurt loving, muscle-building Terry. When he's on screen you can't keep your eyes off of him. When he and Holt are together it's comedy gold.

There are dramatic moments on the show as well. They help bring us back to the reality that they are in a precinct and they solve crimes for a living. It helps balance out the comedy.

The ending of each season keeps getting better. I love when Holt and Jake had to be put on witness protection and they lived in Florida for six months. My least favorite season finale would have to be the latest one where Captain Holt finds out if he's the new commissioner or not. Not the best of the five seasons. We'll see how the writers pick this up for season six.

If you're looking for a solid comedy to watch over the summer, make it Brooklyn Nine Nine. I dare you not to enjoy this show. If you don't, you might have to have your sense of humor checked. 

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