Cast Off!

Today is a great day! If not a slightly scary one too.

After Dr. Lopez reviewed my new x-rays and compared them to my old ones, he has deemed that it was time to remove the cast. The bone hasn't fully fused together, but the alignment has not changed, which according to him is a good thing. So I sat through the sawing off of the cast. The vibrations tickled. The lack of pain was a good sign.

After the cast was removed, there was some swelling observed. This is normal, according to my doctor and Google (I couldn't help myself, I had to check because I'm a hypochondriac that way). The Doc felt around and I felt no pain along the site where the fracture is. The pain came in the form of stiffness. This is also normal since I haven't used the foot in almost two months.

Dr. Lopez asked me to stand on my left leg, but of course my fear overtook me. I was able to lay the foot flat on the ground, but I was still putting most of my weight on my right leg. This is mostly psychological on my part. Plus the foot was still swollen. What could I do? Hop around?

It's on to physical therapy. The doctor we were referred to won't be in until Saturday. At first, I was nervous again because all I want it to start my PT as soon as possible. But, once my nerves have calmed down, I've come to realize that it's good I have a few days to recover a little more. Get that swelling down with ice packs.

I could already rest the foot flat on the ground when I'm seated, which I say is an improvement. I was even able to watch Ocean's 8 without fidgeting. No pain except for the stiffness I mentioned. This small achievement made me feel good. I'm staying positive and will take all the small and big successes as they come.

When we got home, the best part will have to be finally washing my left foot after having it in a cast for nearly two months. The skin was starting to peel. Being able to soap and scrub it felt so good. A few more days and I think the skin will stop looking flaky.

Oh, one thing. My mom made me ride the escalator! She forced me, actually. I was so scared. At first I thought I couldn't do it because what was I going to hold on to? But my mom came over to my injured side and gave me a shoulder to hang on to. I survived. Although, going down I insisted we use the escalator. Small victories. 

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