In the Philippines, the Department of Foreign Affairs is one of the most broken. The fact that they insist on an appointment system before you can renew your passport then their website can't even support the load of the people trying to snag slots shows how inefficient and incompetent they are.

I have been trying to renew my brother's passport for months. Every time I check the site, all the appointment slots are full. DFA says they open slots every day, yet not once have I seen an available slot no matter how many times I check their website.

Today, DFA promised 100000 slots will open. Yes, that's five zeros. The first half was opened at noon, which I missed. So I told myself I would wait for the 9PM slots. Because surely I would be able to snag one slot. Boy was I so wrong.

At exactly 9PM, the site crashed. No matter how many times you refresh, it would not load. Then when the site did load, the tabs to get you to the next step would not work so you'd have to start over.

Determined as I am, I kept trying.

An hour later, I managed to snag a slot, but when I was filing in my brother's information, the site crashed again! Of course, when I had to start over, the slot was long gone. That is how fucked up the system is. The DFA doesn't even have decent coders that can keep the site from crashing.

I wonder who was the genius who thought about releasing so many slots that they didn't consider the deluge of attempts that would crash the site. Getting tickets to Comic Con is so much easier.

For two hours I tried and I tried and nothing. I am flipping the bird on the DFA. Seriously.

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