Doing the Work

I had my first physical therapy session yesterday and boy was it amazing. The first half felt like being in a spa. The second half was basically boot camp.

We were actually in a hurry because I was late for my first session. Even after the receptionist reminded me not to be late. Will not happen again. Tomorrow, I will actually be early.

After we arrived, I didn't know what to expect. My therapist, Eliosa, introduced herself and took my blood pressure. When everything was in the up and up, she took me into one of the therapy rooms and asked me to get on the bed. She made me remove my sock (since my foot is still swollen, I couldn't wear shoes yet). She examined my foot and asked me questions about how my injury happened. What was the nature of my injury. Then she started explaining what we were going to do.

To address the swelling, she attached electrodes to my ankle and the opposite side. The electrodes shot electricity into my leg to stimulate circulation. It felt funny at first, almost ticklish. Then when she wrapped it with a hot compress it felt really nice. I actually took a nap during the session.

Afterwards, she introduced me to the ultrasound machine. This one is a little different since it's not for diagnosis. It's goal is to introduce heat deep into the tissues of my foot. All it felt like was cold on the surface of my leg. Apparently, this was normal because the heat is deep inside. This one also felt nice.

The massage afterwards? Heavenly. I didn't feel any pain at all, which eased most of my fears. I'm starting to see that I can actually walk again.

The boot camp followed soon after the spa moment.

First, we started with exercises. The moves were so simple, but the stiffness of my foot really made it challenging. But I was able to do as she asked, for ten counts each!

Second, we moved from the bed to a chair. Eloisa taught me how to stand up without putting too much pressure on my injured foot. This was repeated ten times. Then she took out a scale and measured how much weight I can put on my foot. Currently, it's between 20 and 30 pounds. Not bad for the first time, she said.

Then my worst fear came. Eloisa, made me walk! More like shuffled. It was more steps than I had taken on both feet in two months. It felt good and scary at the same time. Achievement unlocked, baby!

I say my first session was a success. Eight more to go!

The swelling actually went down a lot after the first session, so I'm hoping that I'll be in shoes soon. Please continue to send your healing thoughts. I appreciate all of them. 

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