Emily's Family

Because of my injury, I have been rewatching Gilmore Girls. Well, actually, I don't need a reason to rewatch Gilmore Girls. I do it every year anyway.

This time around, I wanted to write about some of the things about the series that have been buzzing through my mind every time I rewatch these episodes.

Today, it's all about Emily's family.

If you're a fan of the show, you know that Emily is Lorelai's mother. Married to Richard Gilmore.

On many occasions, we encounter Richard's mother, the original Lorelai Gilmore. The dynamic between her and Emily is simply hilarious. I love watching them on screen together.

In all seven seasons, we never see anyone from Emily's family. In fact, we don't hear anything about them. And when family members are mentioned, I'm never sure if they are part of Emily's family. Certainly, there have been aunts and cousins mentioned, but never which side of the family they are from.

I get it, the show it about the Gilmore girls, but Emily is a Gilmore by marriage. Does she come from an affluent family? Does she have her own money? Or does she depend on Richard for everything?

There is an episode where Emily finds out that Richard's mother wrote him a letter urging him not to marry Emily. Does that mean Richard's mother never attended the wedding? Did they get married against the wishes of Richard's family? Does this mean Emily is not from an affluent family, thus inferior to the Gilmores?

So many questions. I would have liked to see Emily's origins. It would definitely explain why she was such an aloof mother towards Lorelai. Why she had so many rules on manners and etiquette. Surely her attitude had to come from somewhere. Maybe she had a mother who was strict. Maybe she grew up in a household where rules and perception of society were paramount.

It was a storyline that could have provided rich material for the show. Alas, there won't be more of the show since that disaster I call A Year In the Life. I'm totally writing a post or two about those four episodes. 

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