Jurassic World

I love movies. In fact, I love movies so much that I go to the cinemas at least once a week. Usually on a Wednesday. It's part of my routine and if there isn't anything interesting worth watching I feel all empty inside. I need my movie fix.

This week's offering is Jurassic World. 

I'm a fan of the franchise ever since the T-Rex chased everyone in movie 1 and scared the crap out of me as a kid. And who doesn't love Jeff Goldblum. So when I saw the trailer for Jurassic World, I was all in. Rescuing dinosaurs from a volcanic eruption? Hell ya!

Boy did I regret watching this movie. Not because it was bad.

Background time.

I've been caring for cats for years now. I changed the moment Sweetie walked up to my house and asked if I could take her in. She's with me to this day (love of my life) and she has given me 5 rambunctious kittens to boot, who are all grown now. 

Ever since then, I can't handle anything that involves animal cruelty of any kind. It makes my blood boil and depressed at the same time. In fact, having Sweetie has inspired me to put up my own cat sanctuary one day so I can help all the strays out there.

Anyway, for those who have already seen Jurassic World, you will understand why I regret watching it. Many things happen to the dinosaurs in this movie that I can't stomach.

Okay, before you judge me, I completely understand that dinosaurs are extinct. That Jurassic World is just a movie. And the dinosaurs in that movie are all fake. 

BUT! In my mind, as I was watching the film, I completely accepted the fact that in the Jurassic World universe those dinosaurs are real and alive. That is why the dilemma of the characters really hit home for me. I wanted to help all of them off that island.

That scene when the characters are all on the boat as the island is engulfed by the volcano's plums and there is the lone long neck crying for help. Gosh! Just thinking about it makes me cry all over again. It was a cruel, cruel scene.

Not only that, the bad guys? Oh! I wanted each and every one of them to be eaten. Seriously.

Basically, I'm way to emotional to have watched this film. I shouldn't have. The plot went to places I didn't want it to go to. You have been warned. Watch at your own risk.

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