Kirk's Many Jobs

One of the most oddball characters in the Gilmore Girl universe will have to be Kirk. Did you know his first name was Jim? He was supposed to install a DSL line at Lorelei's house during the first season. Second episode, I believe.

What boggles my mind about Kirk is his many jobs. He has worked at ever job in Stars Hollow. And the thing is, you never see him in the same job twice.

When Luke was planning on buying the Twikcum House, Kirk actually put in a competing offer. This is where we find out that he has over a quarter of a million dollars in his account. Luke confronts him about it and Kirk explains that it's because of all his jobs.

Granted, he lives with his mother, so his expenses might not be that big, but he's always eating at Luke's. That could not come cheap if you're working minimum wage jobs. At the same time, are they all part time jobs? From the looks of it, yes. If, let's say, minimum wage is $10. How can Kirk amass quarter of a million dollars?

If you move from job to job, doesn't that mean you don't get a full paycheck? I mean, it doesn't look like he works full time anywhere. Just some of the things you can get away with in TV land, I guess. 

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