Love and Compassion

An alternative title for this post is "Blessing in Disguise."

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, my foot is in a cast. Broke the bone leading to the pinky toe. It's healing now. Actually, I read this interesting article that said the bone started healing the second it had been broken. How cool is that?

I will find out on June 13, after another x-ray, if it's time to remove the cast. Please send all your healing thoughts my way. I'm itching to walk again. With the first day of classes fast approaching, I need to get my physical therapy in so I can actually teach.

I call this accident a blessing in disguise because it taught me so many things.

First, it taught me the real meaning of unconditional love. My mother stepped up in a huge way. I honestly don't know what I would have done if I had been alone at the time of the accident. The pain was so bad that I almost passed out a couple of times. And since coming home from the hospital, I have been leaning on my mom. Even for a glass of water. Which kills me because I'm the independent sort. If I can do it myself, I will. I don't usually ask for help unless I absolutely need to. My mother is my saving grace and I thank God every day for her.

My brother has been surprisingly compassionate as well. He pushes my wheelchair when we go watch a movie. He's been the perfect gentleman. My view of him has forever changed. To say that my broken foot healed our relationship is an understatement.

I've also come to notice how helpful everyone around me has become. Guys are willing to carry the wheelchair out of the car when I need it. I've been pushed from one point to another by so many strangers that I'm beginning to believe in the goodness in the world again. People are willing to wait for me to get on the elevator first. They step out of line to let me through. When I'm having a hard time adjusting a chair so I can push my wheelchair closer to the table, someone is always willing to push the chair aside for me. It's amazing, the kindness of a stranger.

A couple of things that I was able to get away with while riding around in a wheelchair will have to do with renewing my passport and driver's license. First in line always without the need for an appointment. I'm grateful for these things.

A great lesson is patience. A renewed sense of looking at the world. I have every greater respect for people with disabilities now. They are not to be pitied. They are to be revered, treated like the human beings that they are. I know it's not always easy for those who live with not being able to walk, see, hear, but they live their lives the best they can.

Human beings are amazing. Our ability to adapt. Our ability to work with what we've got. Because of my accident, I will be more mindful of what I have and what I shouldn't take for granted ever again.

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