Okay, Weird!

As an author, I know I've done my job when a reader sends me a tweet or a message letting me know that they enjoyed reading my nook. Any of my books, really. It's so heartwarming when someone tells you that for a couple of hours you made them forget how overwhelming life was.

Also as an author, I love interacting with readers. If they had taken the time to write me about my book, I usually want to respond. I want to let them know how their kind words made me feel. How sweet they are for reaching out. Sometimes, I just want to thank them for reading my book.

Well, today, something weird happened. I went to my FB Page, as I often do because that it where some readers reach me. In my inbox, I found a message with 11 separate posts it in.

The posts basically chronicle a reader's experience while reading No Holding Back. This is the second book of my Dodge Cove Trilogy and it involves a romance between Nathan and Preston. If you're looking for a falling for my best friend love story set in Europe, check it out.

Okay, shameless plugging over.

The reader basically gushed about how much he enjoyed reading the book. At least, based on the name, I think he is a he.

Anyway, after I finished reading the blow by blow account of his enjoyment, I was ready to send a reply when I realized I couldn't reply to his message. It said at the bottom that my page couldn't reply to him. So I went to click on the profile only to find out that it had been deleted.

Now, I don't know how to feel. On the one hand, I'm happy someone enjoyed reading No Holding Back so much that he wrote me 11 messages. (By the way, 11 is my life number). On the other hand, I'm sad that I can't let him know how much I appreciate his messages.

If he happens to read this blog post, please know: Your message made my day. Thank you for taking the time to write me about No Holding Back. Good luck with school. And I have chores too!

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