The Asshole

I promised myself when I was taking blogging back that I will keep the cussing at a minimum. I will keep that promise by using only one cuss word. The title says it all.

At the condo we live in, there is a shake up happening. There is a faction that wants the old board members out because they haven't done squat for the building and it's residents. Money went missing. Maintenance is appalling. The admin office does nothing. You get it. Bad all around.

For years elections couldn't be held to replace the board because not enough residents attended. Basically, the apathy is horrible. People just live their lives without care for the fact that the building is in dire need of repainting, among other things.

The apathetic residents only started waking up when news came that the association dues were increasing and everyone had to pay for the repainting. This is where the aforementioned cuss word in the title comes in.

He is a total piece, this guy. Rude. Inconsiderate. He won't pay for his own coffee during a meeting. He won't greet you even if he already knows it's your birthday. In fact, he will even insult you. Basically, if you met him, you will understand why he's living alone without any contact from his family. He's the guy who wants to run for board president.

My mother, saint of a woman that she is, wants to run for the board because she's concerned with the upkeep of the building. She wants to make sure it remains clean and one day will be repainted without cost to the residents.

In order to run, she must help the wannabe president who is so vain it's not even funny. Part of that help is getting the residents to sign proxy forms in case they can't attend the election. These forms are important to reach a quorum. My mom does all the leg work because Mr. Vanity can't interact with people without insulting them. He even made fun of a guy for his accent during a meeting. This guy is the worst, seriously.

The last straw that broke the endless patience of my mom involves the meeting last night. Mr. Vanity Asshole (breaking my rule because I need to), thanked and praised a woman he had been courting to be part of the board. All she did was write an email that has so many grammatical errors, a third grader would have done a better job. Any praise or thanks for all my mother's hard work? None, because that is how Mr. Vanity Asshole works. He doesn't care if you're the one doing all the work.

So my mother pulled out of helping them. The rest of the group are so horrible with people it will be a miracle if they will get the other residents to sign the proxy forms.

My blood boils when someone is marginally mean to my mother. I am so close to telling Mr. Vanity Asshole off, but she keeps stopping me. So I'm putting it all here as a way to purge myself of negative feelings.

The only good thing I hold on to? Karma. No one hurts my mother without getting blow back. Karma is a bitch, Mr. Vanity Asshole.   

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