The Progress Continues

Day 2 of physical therapy went better than expected. I was put through the same routine but with a higher intensity. At first I had my doubts. I couldn't do it. But with the kindness of my physical therapist, Jamie (Eloisa was out for the day), I was able to make it through with flying colors.

The electrodes she exposed me to was of a higher voltage. This time, it wasn't ants crawling. It was ants biting. There was some discomfort at first, but I got used to it. Eventually, it felt really good.

She concentrated on the side of my foot for the ultrasound. This was where the break is healing, so there was discomfort once again, but not pain. Which was also a great comfort. Because there is one phrase that they keep repeating at physical therapy: "Respect the pain." This is any kind of pain. Even a 1 or a 2 on the scale should be met with respect. Meaning, stop what you are doing and breathe.

The great thing about physical therapists is they challenge you to go beyond what you think your limits are. But in a nice way. They are never rude or condescending. They are polite and encouraging, which is exactly what someone who is injured needs. I tell you, it's tough to stay positive when you're met with resistance when doing something that came naturally to you just a couple of months ago. I mean, a couple of months ago, I could walk without problems.

After the exercises to limber up my stiff ankle and foot, Jamie gave me some homework to do at home since my sessions are every other day. She said I need to keep up with my exercise or the therapy sessions wouldn't be as effective. The muscles we loosened would just lock up again. We wouldn't want that after so much progress has been made.

Then she adjusted my walker and I was able to walk, baby! Like actually take steps. Still small steps, but steps nonetheless!

In fact, when we got home? I didn't use the wheelchair after getting out of the car. I used the walker to make my way to the elevator and then to our condo. It was liberating. The only time I'm using the wheelchair now is when we're at the mall and there's lots of walking to do. I'm not at that level yet. Plus, I would be so slow getting from one point to the next, it would be comical to watch.

Once we were done walking, Jamie subjected me to cryo blasts of air. The machine is basically a glorified leave blower that shoots cold air onto targeted areas of your body. In my case, it was my foot. And it felt so good. After a workout like a circuit around the therapy area? Yup.

I'm praying that the progress continues. I really want to be able to wear shoes again. Clogs work in a pinch.

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