Day 8: Volcano

A volcano erupted on my bother's birthday. Yesterday, my mom and I were at a reunion, reliving memories. Today, we're at home watching ash fall get thicker.

About two decades ago, Mount Pinatubo erupted. That was unexpected. No one even knew that the volcano was active. It was asleep one day and awake the next. I remember ashfall reaching all the way to our house, which was more than 200 kilometers away.

Today, I remember waking up after an 11-hour sleep because driving home yesterday was hell. Then we hurried to my brother's place, picked him up, and had a great lunch at his favorite buffet. When we were driving home, that was when we found out Taal Volcano was erupting. We could see the plume of smoke and we were driving toward it because we live close by.

By the time we got to my brother's place, we were already in the middle of ash rain. I could bearly see through the windshield and I was running out of water for my whippers. Cars coming from Tagaytay were covered in ash. It's a surreal sight.

Classes have been suspended, of course. It smells like rotten eggs outside. All our windows are closed. Every time I peak out of the cateo, the black ash is getting thicker. The alert level has already been raised to four, which means actual lava and debris are going to spew out of that volcano within hours. Not days, since the escalation is too fast. We went from Alert Level 1 to 4 in a matter of hours. The last level is 5.

Pray for us.

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